KEI is a frequently used term by Search Engine Optimization companies and stands for “keyword effectiveness index” or “keyword efficiency index”. If you are doing SEO for yourself or you are outsourcing your SEO you probably have heard of this term or saw it in one of the SEO keyword research or keyword ranking reports your company has send you. We will explain here what KEI means and hor you can use it to find keywords with low competition which will enable you to rank more easily in the search engines and also to find keyword niches for which you can build profitable affiliate web sites.

KEI Definition

The KEI formula is and indication of the most effective keyword which you can use to optimize your web pages for. The KEI formula has been invented by SEO expert Sumantra Roy. The KEI score can be calculated in different ways and therefor needs to be interpreted in different ways. Many people calculate the KEI score by dividing the number of local monthly searches * 2 with the number of competing pages in the targeted search engine but this is a very shallow point of view on how to calculate the KEI score because the number of competing pages does not actually say how many competitors you have in Google. The real competitors are optimizing their pages for the search term and this are the competitors you should take into account with the calculation of you KEI index score. We will discuss all calculation methods below.

The makers of Link Assistant have tried to create a KEI Wiki page on Wikipedia but apparently Wikipedia thought they where doing self promotion. It seams a bit unfair as they clearly did not only linked to their own site but also to some useful resources. So until now 25-05-2012 there is no Wikipedia page about KEI.

How to calculate KEI index score?


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There are a number of way on how you can calculate KEI. If you are using the Rank Tracker tool from Link Assistant (click on the image on the left to see a Rank Tracker screenshot) you have the following options to calculate KEI index. Personally I am always using I the competition in title to calculate the KEI score for my keywords. This way I know what competitors are using the keyword in the title ad these are the competitors that have optimized their pages for this keyword because the title is the most important ranking factor that is also the easiest to implement and adjust.

How the different SEO tools calculate KEI score

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  • Rank Tracker from Link Assistant uses a variety of different ways to calculate the KEI score. Dan Richmond who is a senior seo consultant at LinkAssistant and is teaching on his site SEO In Practice how to use keyword relevance in the KEI calculation to determine the keyword with the best KEI score. You will need to have a basic understanding on how to use excel.
  • Keyword Discovery also provides a good tutorial on how to calculate the KEI index, you will find it here.
  • Wordtracker also has is own method on how to use the KEI metrics in their tool which can be seen here.

How KEI is used in Search Engine Optimization

It is important that your target group is able to find you in the search engines. Your website will only show up in the search engine result page when your website has got content on it which matches the search queries of your potential clients. But there are a lot more aspects which determine your keyword ranks in the search results.

“Targeting keywords with a high KEI will help you rank better in the search engines.”

At (English, German & Dutch SEO Services) we can advise you for a very low price which keywords are searched for the most in your line of business and have the least competition in the search engines and are therefor easier to rank for and receive targeted visitors to your site. You will have to use these keywords in the content of your website and we will use these keywords for the title tags, headers, alt tags, meta tags, inbound and outbound links (which we can also do for you at low costs). We are specialized in the US, UK, German and Dutch Seo market. We provide international seo services for mainly US, German, UK and Dutch clients and we are not limited to only these markets.

We can set up a link building strategy and we will monitor how your Google keyword rank will develop in comparison to your competitors. Other things to keep in mind are search engine friendly URL’s, dynamic sitemap, advertising (adwords), offline marketing, social media, adding the site to portals and directories and much more…

Below you will find some videos which will show you how to do proper keyword research and how KEI will help you to discover low competition keyword niches.

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